Social proof: the secret to letting other people sell for you.

Grow and scale your online business with the power of customer testimonials, client case studies, and user reviews.

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93% of potential buyers read online reviews before deciding whether or not to purchase

88% of potential customers or clients trust user reviews as much as personal recommendations and will statistically read 10 reviews before deciding to hire or purchase from you.

That is, if you have any reviews available for them to read.

Testimonials, reviews, case studies, and other kinds of social proof are here to stay—the stats speak for themselves! [source] The question is, will you leverage their power to grow and scale your business?

The Testimonial Harvester makes getting video testimonials easy

Celebrate wins with your clients and customers


Your work helps people achieve success! Check in, see how your customers and clients are doing, and let them share how you have helped them.

...but checking in takes time, which is why you haven't done it.

Capture their excitement automatically


Our custom VideoAsk automations make it easy to check in with your clients and customers and record genuine responses to carefully-crafted questions, resulting in powerful video testimonials. 

...but processing these videos to make them usable takes even more time and skills you might not have.

Convert more customers and clients with video


84% of people say they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video.

Let us curate and edit your video testimonials, turning them into compelling conversion tools for social media, sales pages, email marketing, and more!

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From Brittany May

Digital Strategist at Simply Happy Life

“This process is so ingenious. Hands down recommend.”

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We're the Aspens, creators of the Testimonial Harvester



Entrepreneurs, writers, summits hosts and speakers, and most importantly, parents.


Jordan Aspen

started her first business at 12 years old, dreaming of one day working from home while raising and educating her children.

Paul Aspen

began creating educational games and stories after college. With his future kids in mind, he built these tools to bridge generational gaps.

After getting married and merging our businesses, we added three children to our family. We quickly realized that being parents demanded a different approach to entrepreneurship.

The Testimonial Harvester was born.

We didn't have as much time anymore, and needed to automate our business.

This video testimonial service merges our love of story with the power of automations and frees up small business owners to focus on what they want to—building community and changing the world, starting with their own families.

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