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Coming September 2021:

The From Burnout to Balance Summit

A free 5-day event for family-oriented entrepreneurs—100% online!

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Just because we focus on serving parents now doesn't mean we want to leave you hanging!

Check out these resources if you're looking for help with things that we don't write about anymore:

Sewing/Knitting Skills

Jordan will teach you what you wish your grandma had taught you. Settle in with sewing needle or spindle, knitting needles or crochet hook. Whatever the craft, so long as it involves fiber or fabric, count me in.

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Make writing painless & predictable once and for all while putting an end to the guilt, anxiety, and stress that comes from being an unproductive writer.

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Bullet Journaling

All you need is pen, paper, and 4 minutes.

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Starting and Running a Creative Business

Your one-stop shop for business knowledge and creative support. Paul and I are both members of this community and have taken many of the courses available.

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Email Writing

How to write emails that will actually help you make money.

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