Write Faster
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Our goal? To transition parents from overtime to family time.

Ancient tools and modern methods make home and business fun, organized, and relaxing: games to practice skills, stories to cement lessons.

We want you free to set an example for the next generation.

Stop sacrificing your passions just to survive. Free up your time. Earn money on your terms. Multiply your impact at home and abroad.

Why such a focus on writing?

The pen is the sword of civilized society. The higher you rise the more critical communication skills become. You don't have time to waste doubting yourself.

Learn the Blink Twice Method
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Make Your Dream Job

...so you can go from overtime to family time.

Become a Thoroughbred Entrepreneur.

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Release Your Voice

...so you can make money writing without selling out.

Become a Firehawk Writer.

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Exceed Your Expectations

...so your children will grow and thrive in the real world.

Become an Elephant Educator.

Design Your Family's Life

...so you can make a difference in the world.

Become an Octopus Organizer.

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Our next event

The Make Your Dream Job summit will show you how to go from overtime to family time while pursuing your dream.

  • If you are a parent who wants to impact the world, starting at home...
  • If you refuse to sacrifice time with your children to make more money...
  • If you feel trapped by your day job because you have to provide for your family...
  • If you dream of running your own business but are afraid you don’t have time to make it happen...

...then this event is for you!

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