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Here's how to get the most out of this summit without the stress of trying to absorb everything all at once!

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The Stay Out of School Summit is going to be filled with amazing speakers sharing how to make the best educational decisions for your children in this coming school year and beyond...but it totally defeats the purpose if you're overwhelmed trying to catch every video each day.

That's why we came up with a way for you to go back and revisit any video whenever you need to.

A VIP ticket gives you lifetime access...

The basic upgrade grants you access to the recordings of every presentation from this summit so there’s no need to rush through all of the content during the live event.

Even better, the All-Access Pass option includes all kinds of bonuses designed to help you actually take action on everything you learn. There are worksheets to help you remember and implement the most important highlights of every presentation, the opportunity to hop on exclusive calls with some of the speakers, and more.

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...but Civilized Animals think of others too

So we wanted to provide you an easy way to share what you learn. The group ticket lets you share the resources with anyone in your private group—from a Homeschool co-op to a local parenting Facebook group or just you and your besties.

No matter how you choose to educate your kids, it’s often lonely work.

Some days are discouraging. The payoff happens so slowly it can seem invisible. You daydream about having someone help you come up with new ideas and inspirations that will shake things up.

We at Civilized Animal Productions are all about community. We want you to get together to support your neighbors and friends to encourage each other and pool your resources—or even use this as a way to get a community started!

Get extra bang for your buck by sharing these awesome presentations and resources.

We know that thinking only of yourself is just about as fun as being all on your own.

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You have three options:

VIP Ticket


The budget-conscious option

Note: if you buy this version now and want to upgrade to the All-Access Pass or Group Ticket later, I've got you covered! Just send a request to [email protected]

  • Recordings of all the presentations so you can go through them at your own pace
    (valued at $190+)

All-Access Pass


Most Popular

Get the most out of The Stay Out of School Summit with:

  • Recordings of all the presentations
    (valued at $190+)
  • Recordings of bonus Facebook lives
    (valued at $150+)
  • Worksheets from all presentations
    (valued at $130+)
  • More bonuses from our speakers
    (valued at $499+)

Total value = over $970!


Group Ticket


The Civilized Animal

If you are a part of a closed group that would benefit from the summit, this option is for you.

  • Recordings of all presentations, FB live recordings, and worksheets
    (valued at $470+)
  • Permission to share within a private group (valued at $1000+)

We are committed to help you succeed this school year

Here are some of the bonuses your sponsors and speakers have put together to support you:

Worksheets and Slide Decks

from all of the speakers

Designed to help you remember and implement what you learn

Regular Price: $130+

Bonus Facebook Live Recordings

from speakers and special guests

  • Bonus Q&As with the speakers
  • An interview with Dr. Maureen O'Shaughnessy, Founder of the micro-school LEADPrep
  • And more!

Valued at: $150

Knife Skills mini-course

from Katie Kimball, CSME

Join over 35,000 other families with well-trained child kitchen helpers!

Valued at: $10

Coupon for The Efficient Mompreneur Course

from Ashley Freehan

This roadmap to a productive joy-filled life will guide you to achieving maximum results with minimal effort

Coupon value: $100

FREE Pre-Release EBook:
Unleash Your Humble Alpha

from Steven Eugene Kuhn

Own Your Presence in Life and Become the Epic Leader You Are Meant To Be

Valued at: $10

A History of the Homeschooling Movement Audio Download

from Israel Wayne

Learn about the origins of the rebirth of home-based learning, and discover God’s purposes and plans for the future of the homeschooling movement.

Regular price: $9.99

Two months access to the "Elementary Etiquette" Course

from Ms. Harris

  • Be proud of your child when they introduce themselves to a new friend
  • Happily take your child out to a nice restaurant
  • Give your child a solid foundation of social skills that they can use throughout their life!

Regular price: $175

A "Pick-my-brain" call

from Paul and Jordan Aspen

Let's spend an hour talking about your unique children and how you can provide them with a great education tailored for their specific needs

Regular price: $197

And More!

from the other speakers

We are still ironing out the details of another bonus or two, so stay tuned... 😉


That totals over $970!

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Get Your All-Access Pass $970 $67