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Publish Your Drafts

Become confident that your words are worth reading.

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You've built a writing habit... but now what?

Is the thought of letting people read your words paralyzing?

It wasn’t easy to start writing. Overcoming blank page syndrome and writer’s block is a feat! You should be proud of the drafts you’ve created, but what if you’re not? What if those drafts mock you as they sit hidden away because you aren’t sure you want anyone to read them?

You aren’t alone.

Amanda's folder full of drafts was impressive

…but she cringed when she thought about anyone reading them

She had taken a challenge to write every day for a month. 30 days without breaking the chain—and now what? She had thousands of words and while she was proud of that accomplishment she wasn’t exactly proud of what she had produced. There was gold inside those drafts but she hardly knew where to begin trying to mine it out.

Staring at that folder of drafts felt as defeating as writers’ block had felt a few weeks before. She had overcome writers’ block though, so she knew she could overcome this new hurdle too if only she had a plan, a direction.

Jordan had joined that writing challenge too

…but she wasn’t intimidated by the drafts she had crafted

In fact, Jordan had not only written every single day for a month, she had published every single day.

It wasn’t that Jordan was a better writer than Amanda. It was simply that Jordan had a plan, a process for editing and refining her drafts so that she could confidently share them with the world. She not only built a writing habit, she built a publishing habit.

Writing isn’t enough if you want to make an impact

You must learn to publish if you want your words to move people

Jordan and Amanda both wrote for 30 days, but only Jordan changed anyone’s lives. Because she published her work, she had people read and interact with it—people like Stan who said, “I will adopt this idea this weekend.” 

Publishing isn’t enough if you want to make a positive impact

You must learn to edit if you want people to respond well to your words

Is the answer to Amanda’s problem simply publishing all those drafts to a blog and calling it good?

Of course not! Most drafts need work in order to be ready for the world to read. The path from a rough draft to a refined finished product can be difficult, but with a few tools and clear direction the process can become second-nature.

It’s time for another 30-day challenge

Build confidence so you can stop procrastinating

Let May be the month that you start sharing your work on a consistent basis. Build a publishing habit!

Start by investing in yourself. Make a bet that you can do this by investing a few dollars a day into ensuring that you act—that’s all it takes to enroll in Publish Your Drafts—or take a bigger step: This month you can get $739 worth of value for $449 and have a professional guide you through the whole editing process.

The options are outlined below.

No matter which of these three routes you take, this month will be one of doing. The lessons in this course will give you plenty of editing knowledge, but that’s not the focus. The focus is action. Every day you will have a clear step to take toward making your words ready to wow your readers.

You defeated writer's block, now you can defeat the fear of publishing!

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• 30 days of habit-building lessons:

~ Week 1: Where do I even begin?!
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~ Week 4: Time to publish all this hard work!

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Basic Course
+ Coaching


• Everything in the Basic course (valued at $89)

• 30-minute weekly check-ins with an instructor during the 4-week class period (valued at $200)

• A personalized plan of action to keep you publishing after the course is over

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