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Are you ready to turn your subscribers into students?
Learn how to use proven templates to craft a sequence that converts.

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Learn to Write an Email Sequence that Sells without Sleaze

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Are you ready to turn your subscribers into customers?
In this live workshop we will show you how to use proven templates to craft a sequence that converts.

What's the goal?

According to Campaign Monitor marketing emails average about an 18% open rate and 2.6% click rate. In contrast, our latest email sequence had upwards of 51% open rates and an average click rate of 4.4%—and we sent these emails to a pretty cold audience.

The goal is different for each email and every sequence you write. Emails hyper-focused on getting clicks can easily have click rates of 12-15% or higher! 

A deep strategy that lets each email build upon the last will improve your conversion rates. And improved conversion rates mean more sales.

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Take 3 simple steps:

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Learn the deeper strategy behind a solid email sequence

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Use templates to make writing fast and easy

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See real-world examples of these templates in use


How do I sign up?

Your emails shouldn't be falling into junk folders or getting ignored.

You want to help people. You want them reaching out, asking you more about what you have to offer and you want to make more sales. That starts with them clicking to open your emails.

With my years of experience in classroom teaching and direct client work as a writer and editor, I can help you skip the aggravating fluff and write clear emails that get results.

Yes, you. You don't need a specialist to write them for you. Your voice is actually critical to your success, too critical to leave out.

~ Paul Aspen
Creator of the Story Circuit Method

Paul Aspen
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"The Aspens have been such a big help in setting up our post-webinar email sequence. They took the time to explain the purpose of each email and that made it super clear. They were also great on helping us sort out what didn't belong in the emails. I am very excited to see where our new sequence takes us!"

~ Melisa Nielsen
Lead Coach at Waldorf Essentials

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How committed? In addition to the interactive workshop, templates, and group coaching session, we have a bonus for you: one month of access to The Thoroughbred Entrepreneur Program valued at $75!

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The Evergreen Email Sequence Blueprint


  • Templates for all 5 emails
  • Video lessons
  • Real-world examples

⭐️ Bonus - a month of access to The Story Circuit Method and more Story Templates!

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