Go from overtime to family time while pursuing your dream.
Over two dozen experts have come together to show you how!

November 16-20, 2020

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This event is for you…

  • If you are a parent who wants to impact the world, starting at home
  • If you refuse to sacrifice time with your children to make more money
  • If you feel trapped by your day job because you have to provide for your family
  • If you dream of running your own business but are afraid you don’t have time to make it happen

The equation is simple:

Free up your time

by making more money

so you can impact the world



(Easier said than done.)

It feels like an impossible dream.


The entrepreneurial path is hard enough when you’re single or only have one other adult in your household, but with each child you add to your family the dream feels further out of reach. We know. We’re parents too. 

But it’s not impossible to be a successful parent-preneur.

Brandon Lucero has started multiple businesses while raising three children. He has gone for broke—literally—and now multiplies his impact through inspiring New Generation Entrepreneurs.

Marie Grace Berg is a homeschooling mother of twins. Finding success herself wasn’t enough—she now runs an agency that helps other parents grow their businesses using the power of collaboration.

Jacob Cass has a young son and a brand new daughter. He and his wife get to show them the world because their online businesses bring in money while they sleep, giving them the freedom to travel.

If they can do it you can too.

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Meet Your Hosts

Paul Aspen founded Civilized Animal Productions to tie ancient wisdom and modern methods together in an effort to deliver the best lifestyle tools possible. He married Jordan, an entrepreneurial artisan, so that their breadth of experience could support that vision.

They quickly added two children to their family and realized that being parents demanded a different approach to entrepreneurial pursuits.

That’s why they have brought together a specific set of experts for this summit: people who will truly help you to make YOUR dream job without sacrificing time with your family.

The Details


5 days of insight, co-working, and networking focused on setting you up for success as you make your dream job (and your dream life).


Because an entrepreneurial pursuit isn’t just another thing to steal away your time—it is the path to freedom!


We have carefully curated the presentations into recommended tracks so you can “choose your own adventure” instead of being overwhelmed trying to catch everything.


With over two dozen different speakers you are sure to find mentors who resonate. You will have opportunities to connect directly with your favorites throughout the summit.


This event is 100% online…like most things these days. But unlike most online interaction we won’t leave you feeling alone. Our team has set up an experience like no other.


November 16-20 will be full of presentations, panels, co-working, and networking. For extra support and connection the VIP Pass option extends the experience beyond the live event!

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Keynote Presentations

Joanna Delaney from VideoAsk

Make Your Business More Personal by Leveraging the Power of Video

with Joanna Delaney of VideoAsk

The #1 Skill You Need to Connect with Your People Online

with Jordan Aspen of Civilized Animal Productions

The 5-Step Blueprint to Creating Online Courses

with Pegah Abdolhosseini of Thinkific

Organizing Your Thoughts to Achieve Your Objectives

with Paul Aspen of Civilized Animal Productions

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Additional Speakers

Henry Kaminski Jr.

Build Your Personal Brand From The Ground Up 

Brandon Lucero

Inspiring Your Children to be Profitable Entrepreneurs

Jacob Cass

Building Your Empire
Passive Income

Angel Marie

Launch Your Email List in 24 Hours

Elizabeth Pampalone

Create a Membership Program in a Day

Desola Davis

How to Find Customers Who Will Stick With You

Rachel Davis Thompson

What You Need to Know Before You Run Your First Ad

Krista Miller

Skyrocket Your Audience & Visibility with an Engaging Virtual Summit

Christen Schneider

How to Get Paid Before Your Product Exists

Jason Resnick

Maintaining Boundaries as a Family Oriented Business Owner

Klara Cu

Easy, Low-Budget Setups to Teach Using Video

Marie Grace Berg

How To Build, Grow and Scale Your Business With JV Partnerships

Tori Boats

Unlocking Time: Build Your Dream Business Without Burnout

Jamie Van Cuyk

Effective Hiring for Business Growth

Ronisha Shead

How to Cure "Parent Perfectionism" so You Can Get Your Business Up and Running

Sonja Thompkins

How to Make Real Money Selling Physical Products

Kristine Beaves

Defining Monetization Methods For Your Blog

Andrea Merrill

How to Increase Your Visibility Online

Joschka Strakerjahn

The Easy Way to Launch Your Business Using Challenges

Meg Burrage

What It REALLY Took to Scale a 6 Figure Online Business

...and some special surprise guests too!

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It's time to…

  • Stop relying on a boss or a politician to give you the life you want
  • Take your dreams into your own hands and make them a reality
  • Start taking your family’s security seriously

Make Your Dream Job

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"I have a better idea of how I should schedule my day to be the best version of myself and to help my family be the best they can be." ~ Michelle Henry

Ready to go from overtime to family time?

Make Your Dream Job a reality.

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