How I'm Crushing Imposter Syndrome

reflections written by jordan

I'm not the best. Someone else could do a better job than me.

This is the voice of Imposter Syndrome, a voice I've been battling for years. In 2018 I wrote about beating this voice. I didn't lie—I was beating Imposter Syndrome back then, but this voice is persistent. Even beaten down, it comes back again and again.

To truly crush Imposter Syndrome I need an ongoing battle plan, not a one-time fix.

And I've found it.

Even more effective than simply focusing on the future, always improving and putting out better work, I've turned my eyes to the past.

This is the real social proof secret: letting other people praise you.

Since starting to purposefully collect the stories of happy clients and customers, I have discovered something more powerful even than using testimonials as a conversion tool. Sure, having a video of a happy customer on a sales page increases sales, but you know what's even more amazing? Hearing people talk about how much I've helped them.

Hearing them, seeing them, not just reading their words and reading into their tone and talking myself out of how happy they really are. No, when it's in video form there's no second-guessing. It's right there for me to see:

People really love me and my work. I really helped them.

This is the social proof secret.

Social—relying on the people around to you tell you.

Proof—evidence in the story of how you helped them.

It doesn't have to be a secret. I'm definitely going to be talking and writing about it more. In fact this Thursday I'll be sharing my exact process for collecting these encouraging videos. I'd love for you to join me.

—Jordan Aspen