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The people who should be hiring you can't see your brilliance. Stop feeling like an imposter—you're amazing and so are your designs! You simply need to learn how to accurately communicate your worth and have your brilliance recognized.

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There are 3 keys to brilliance:


Knowing your stuff is only step one: You must communicate your knowledge and its value in a way that clients will understand.



If textbook solutions worked, nobody would hire professionals. Your perspective must solve problems in ways that inspire.


Nobody wants to be a test subject! Show that you can apply your knowledge and skill. Complete examples prove you're worth hiring

Your projects and pitches will struggle if all three of these keys are not present. If you lack information your efforts will come off as clueless and risky instead of solid. If you lack signs of ingenuity you'll seem stale and unexciting. If you lack evidence of implementation, you will get passed over in favor of someone who has momentum and proven results.

You have it all, but do prospective clients see it? Is your reputation and portfolio good enough to make them hear your spiel and explanations, or do you need help showing how great you are? Maybe you aren't even there yet, and want help becoming more informed, ingenious, or aggressive about your implementation.

We can help you.

Your story needs to be told.

We can help you tell it. From Instagram captions to whole books, we help designers like you leverage the power of story to be recognized by people that matter.

We specialize in crafting case studies

Effectively present your work in a way that makes potential clients confident you are THE person to hire. These case studies will make your portfolio stand out in a sea of pretty pictures by proving you are professional. 

Stop attracting clients from hell!

Carefully curated case studies establish expectations and help weed out clients who want to interrupt and micromanage. Instead, your clients will trust your process and give you the freedom to do what you do best.

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Paul Aspen

has a broad perspective on education, having experienced home, public, and private schooling as well as university, learning a trade as an apprentice, and teaching in a classroom himself. His games, stories, and courses focus on empowering the young to seek the virtues that will make competition and success smoother, and learning practical life skills. Young or not, you will find that you can learn from these ancient tools as well. Old dogs can learn new tricks! Your future may be dark, but you are a hero and a protagonist: Rise, and grow strong to explore!

Jordan Aspen

is a stylist, and nothing pleases her more than seeing beauty, power, and grace employed with and for those around her. Her courses and services focus on creating value and presenting your work in a way that will highlight the best parts of you. There is nothing stopping you from improving for tomorrow except today’s insecurities. Shatter them by focusing on producing instead of dreaming, for it is in the dreaming that the shadows of your fears can pick apart your passions and reduce them to ash. Strike out, create, and grow in skill and wisdom while you help your clients and customers!

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Your portfolio is beautiful, but that isn't enough. You need to tell the story behind each project in order for clients to recognize your brilliance. We can help you do that, either through teaching you to tell those stories yourself or by writing them for you. Are you ready to land some great clients?


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