FREE 5-day course: Storytelling Made Simple, Business Edition

Stories sell. You know this.

Actually knowing how to write a story that sells? That’s another story.

Learn how to tell a story.

All kinds of business gurus are talking about the power of story. Too few are actually teaching how to write powerful stories.

They make it seem so simple, but then you sit down to write and end up staring at a blinking cursor on a blank page. “Once upon a time…” doesn’t cut it in a cutthroat market, so how to begin?

Start with a story of success.

We want to read stories where the hero faces a challenge and finds success. We all want to be that hero.

Your client wants to know that you can make them the hero of their own success story. Your customer wants to know how you can change their life for the better. Prove what you can do by telling the stories of how you have made others successful.

In telling you this, though, I’m doing what all the other gurus are doing. You know what to do, but what about how to do it?

You need a proven method, a roadmap to guide you through each step.

See, telling a story can be simple, when you know the fundamentals. Compelling stories all have certain things in common, patterns that are clear when you know what you’re looking for.

We can help you learn to tell stories that sell.

Become irresistible to dream clients. Attract customers who believe in your products. Help people buy into the story of your brand.


Paul Aspen

has a broad perspective on education, having experienced home, public, and private schooling as well as university, learning a trade as an apprentice, and teaching in a classroom himself. His games, stories, and courses focus on empowering the young to seek the virtues that will make competition and success smoother, and learning practical life skills. Young or not, you will find that you can learn from these ancient tools as well. Old dogs can learn new tricks! Your future may be dark, but you are a hero and a protagonist: Rise, and grow strong to explore!

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Jordan Aspen

is a stylist, and nothing pleases her more than seeing beauty, power, and grace employed with and for those around her. Her courses and services focus on creating value and improving your work so it can represent the best parts of you. There is nothing stopping you from improving for tomorrow except today’s insecurities. Shatter them by focusing on producing instead of dreaming, for it is in the dreaming that the shadows of your fears can pick apart your passions and reduce them to ash. Strike out, create, and grow in skill and wisdom while you help your clients and customers!

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