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To go from overtime to family time you must put what you learn into action

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The Make Your Dream Job summit is going to be filled with amazing speakers showing you how to go from overtime to family time ...but if you overwhelm yourself trying to catch every video each day doesn't that defeat the whole purpose of this event?

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We are committed to help you make your dream job—and your dream life!

Here are some premium resources and tools our sponsors and speakers have put together to support you:

Worksheets and Slide Decks

from all of the speakers

Designed to help you remember and implement what you learn

Valued at $260+

Recordings of Live Panels

from speakers and special guests

Bonus Q&As with the speakers covering course creation, client work, parenting and more!

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One Month of Thinkific Pro

from Pegah Abdolhosseini

Plus a bonus bundle including training and exclusive VIP support.

Valued at $1245

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One Month of ConvertKit

from Angel Marie

Start your email list, build landing pages, and grow your business.

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Branding Briefcase

from Jacob Cass

100s of design & branding resources, including ebooks, worksheets, tools, mockups, courses and more.

Valued at $499

Exclusive Invitation to the Absolute Marketing Community

from Elizabeth Pampalone

Feel like you're losing your sanity in a sea of marketing information and tactics? This community focuses on simple strategies that are easy to implement so you can take back your time.

Valued at $49

Upgrade Your Experience $127

Anatomy of a Facebook Ad

from Rachel Davis Thompson

This prerecorded workshop will help you confidently DIY your own Facebook Ads. 👍

Valued at $97

Summit-in-a-Box Starter Kit

from Krista Miller

Plan your profitable and community-building virtual summit! Go from learning the basics to executing like the pro through the whole process.

Valued at $297

The Mini-Launch Formula Workshop

from Christen Schneider

How to run a simple, effective mini-launch! Pre-sell a new offer, run a flash sale, or rejuvenate an old favorite. Everything is all mapped out for you, in only 90 minutes!

Valued at $27

Upgrade Your Experience $127

Get Your Best Clients

from Jason Resnick

Learn how to Identify bad leads so you can save your time to work only with your ideal clients, who respect and value your expertise.

Valued at $200

Set up Your Video Tech (Live Workshop)

from Klara Cu

Get live advice and training during this one-hour implementation session so you can start making videos with confidence.

Valued at $297

The Strategic Plan Catalyst

from Tori Boats

Being successful is one thing, but do you know how to feel good while you do it? Set yourself up for success with this guide so your work energizes your whole life rather than sucking it dry.

Valued at $47

Upgrade Your Experience $127

Keyword Research Checklist + Workbook (and 50% off coupon)

from Andrea Merrill

Discover your keywords & how to leverage them! With this workbook, you're going to know exactly how to get the most out of your web copy—and 50% off her Easy SEO in Squarespace course too!

Valued at $197

1-month access to the Growing Your Team Membership

from Jamie Van Kuyk

Lay the foundation for growth and expansion: Join a team-building support community to build your team successfully from the ground up.

Valued at $67

Challenge Swipe File Package

from Joschka Strakerjahn

A collection of dozens of challenge funnels, offer pages, ads, & follow-ups you can use as inspiration and motivation when you are planning your first or next challenge.

Valued at $37

Upgrade Your Experience $127

Becoming a Boss eBook

from Ronisha Shead

You will learn the most important things to focus on as a new entrepreneur or business owner that will ensure your success.

Valued at $47

The 60-minute Merchant

from Sonja Thompkins

Learn how to set up your product based Shopify website within 60 minutes so you can sell your physical products like a pro with ease.

Valued at $97

The MyBlog Workbook

from Kristine Beaves

This 30-page workbook (printable AND fillable!) will get your blogging chaos organized—so you can accomplish your goal rather than spending your precious time searching for information.

Valued at $12

Upgrade Your Experience $127

The bonuses that our speakers have contributed total over $3,000!

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Upgrade Your Experience $3704 $127