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Friendships and Adulthood

When I was young, friendships were focused on a shared reality that was overwhelmingly positive. Friends were those who I could do what I enjoyed with and alongside, whereas enemies interfered with or kept me from my peaceful fun–including occasionally my parents haha! The world was simpler and more fluid as people flowed back and forth across the line and in and out of my life quickly—my best friend growing up simply vanished when I changed music teachers in middle school!
As I have grown, I have come to understand the childishness of my perspectives and put them away for better ones. I have fewer friends, and they are dearer. I go to them when they are in need and they come to my aid too; the solidarity and permanence of the relationship is far different from the formlessness of before. I choose them carefully, and invest my time in strange seasons to deepen and enrich those relationships. I influence them and receive their advice and admonishments seriously, and the fun we have is less explosive and more lasting, whether trying something new or engaging in a time-honored bit of mutually-appreciated mastery.
In short, adult friendships better you instead of keeping you where you are. They are focused on the world around you, and you can know that no matter what comes someone has your back.
Growth and change come for all living things, and few dead things escape them for long. Civilization is built on this living growth, and all of the Eastern hierarchies and communisms and religions lock people into one permutation while Western culture unlocks the Civilized Animal in all of us, able to keep after our growth and maturity even after the initial spurt of rapid change. It admits the reality of packs, trust, and social pressures and tries to turn them to the general good as much as possible.
The world can always use more fighting for and towards the freedom and strength each individual craves in their truest heart yet cannot achieve without a healthy dose of maturation.Think on your friends and friendships, and see if you can’t make them even more Western with the play and passion of a Civilized Animal.

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