Holiday Games Pack

Looking for games that appeal to everyone in the family? Play something special each holiday season during your gatherings:

For the harvest season, Hallowtide is a fast-paced cooperative deckbuilder for 2-5 players who need to prepare for the worst as the guardians of a decadent city: A tide of monsters are sweeping towards the sanctum protecting the world! Defend it with faith and steel, and hold out through the Hallowtide.

For Yule, Sinterklaas is a cooperative gift-giving card game for 2-8 players, where the players endeavor to keep up peoples’ spirits in a small town and overcome the townsfolks’ despondency, hopelessness, and bitterness to bring in the season’s joy and peace for the whole town.

In the spring, Love is a tongue-in-cheek competitive card game where players collect victory points by building projects and organizing activities while dealing with interference from the vagaries of life.

While these games are still in development, they are being designed to focus around teamwork, taking action to improve life both mental and physical, and planning while using basic math and communication skills. When they launch, each will have stories available for purchase as well.