Tales of the Common Folk

With Tales you will gather your audience and your collaborators and select vintage archetypes of characters and tell a story using descriptive traits in a round-the-table style, supporting up to 10 players ages 6+. Whether you are a parent begged for original bedtime stories and out of ideas, a teacher looking for quick prompts that are unique for a writing class, a writer looking for a way to define background characters without a lot of thought, someone looking for a fun way to spend time in the car, someone seeking to unlock your imagination, or even just a gamer looking for a real value purchase that will last as long as your desire to flip over a card and be inspired, this creative engine will help you tell your own tales for a long time, with help from those around you.

“My failure to collaborate on my creative enterprises is the reason I failed for so long.”

When I heard this from a friend of mine, I knew that this idea I had was not just useful to get into peoples’ hands, but necessary. Tales of the Common Folk is a storytelling engine (not a game; there is no winner or loser!) for practicing creative collaboration. So many young musicians and writers are instructed and advised to be fiercely independent, while successes from Frank Herbert to Leonard Cohen to Danny Kaye to the Pentatonix to the infamous Inklings to all the unknown-but-loved poet-artist duos at open mic night at the local coffee shops have gotten insane mileage out of collaborating. It takes cooperation to have a band play together with or without a conductor, it takes working with publishers and marketers and editors and more to hit a home-run novel and have it sweep the nation; learning how to do it successfully requires practice and experience even more than leading a group of people or soldiers requires practice and experience. This engine is crafted to develop that practice and experience, and it can start very early in a child’s life and still benefit the aged.