Tales of the Common Folk

– A storytelling engine for enhancing creative collaboration skills, anyone of any age can gather around and tell a story together be it bedtime, a break in school, or alone at a writing desk. Whether it’s inspiration or simplicity you’re looking for, the base set is perfect for a quick romp through fantasies of kings and princesses, with almost no setup or space requirements.

– Art: John Gorton’s hand-drawn archetypes bloom on this simple playing-card game.


Cauldron of the Gods

– A free-for-all collection of tactical mini-games for 3-8 players where you play as a deity by directing your champion’s actions to earn glory in your name in the titular, customizable arena. This game is designed around the familiar mechanics of rock-paper-scissors to teach sportsmanship and developing the ability to read others’ objectives and cues in an fast-changing environment; since the game is a series of micro-conflicts surrounding an objective, keeping your head in the game is a key to victory.

– Art: The wonderful team of Jeremiah Humphries and Artem Shukaev have taken an idea and brought it to life.


Holiday Games Pack

Six holiday-themed games are lumped together into a bundle of fun for the whole family! These games are designed for family gatherings and adding laughter and excitement to the warmth of the holidays.