Cauldron of the Gods


– Gameplay: Final Tweaks and quality of life adjustments. My many minions have slaved for untold hours and several bouts of 3 AM bedtimes already, and we are excited to see things starting to come to fruition.

– Art: Final art begun, approximately 75% finished. Prototype art still being adjusted. Currently art is being crafted by the wonderful team of Jeremiah Humphries and Artem Shukaev.


“Cauldron” as it is called in the cold, dark confines of the CivAn workshop, is a collection of light tactical minigames built on a familiar rock-paper-scissors method for conflict resolution designed for 3-8 players, ages 8 and up. There is a wide variety of and customizability of play, from the basic version of the game which can be played in about 15 minutes to the advanced version which can be made to last well over an hour: user-controlled play time is built into the game deliberately. The board tiles can be rearranged to make many different arenas for play, and the minigames included can be randomized to keep you having fun and encountering new scenarios and interactions for a long while. There is a great deal of excitement amongst my minions, as several major components had to be removed before the game was completed–these will be made available once Cauldron has taken wing.

In Cauldron, players play as bored Gods sporting in a divinely-crafted arena, competing to see who can direct their champion to bring them the most glory in front of the crowds. Each deity has a unique set of abilities that lends flavor and a sense of position amongst your friends and family as you compete together. This game can serve as a wonderful point of discussion for young minds: disparate topics from the mundane facts of ancient Roman life to the metaphysical of differing legitimate viewpoints and strategies dependent on goals and focus points, in addition to being a series of low-intensity proxy conflicts which can be used to teach grace in victory and defeat and other sportsmanship essentials. These lessons lurk about the edges, never obstructing gameplay or forcing themselves into your game nights.

A note from the creator: I was an abominable sport when I was young. This game was aimed at me, 20 years ago. Good sportsmanship and learning to compete without declaring war or feeling threatened off the court or field has improved my life dramatically, and if this game helps even one family teach one child some of these lessons by example then I will be overjoyed.


Holiday Games Pack


– Six holiday-themed games are being lumped together! While several of the games are merely theoretical, the harvest, yule, and Valentinian seasons have representatives so far:

Hallowtide is a simple, fast-paced cooperative deckbuilder with multiple effective build paths for 2-5 players and the goal of showing that action is required to overcome the difficulties in your life and fear should be punched in the face with a feral scream: A tide of monsters are sweeping towards the holy sites: defend them with magic and steel, and hold out through the Hallowtide! It is entering Version 0.04, and the core mechanics are very satisfactory. One major mechanism for play needs to be figured out, art and graphic design are being discussed. The primary goals of this game are to offer opportunities for parents and children to discuss the need to act against fear instead of being overcome, and communication and teamwork in the face of a changing and adaptable puzzle.

Sinterklaas is a gift-giving, cooperative card game for 2-8 players, where the players endeavor to keep up hope in a small town and overcome a spirit of despondency, hopelessness, and bitterness to bring in the season’s joy and peace for the whole town. This game has gone through several major redesigns, and is awaiting reprototyping.

A yet-unnamed game is a tongue-in-cheek competitive card game where players collect victory points by building projects and organizing activities (missions, if you will) while dealing with interference from the vagaries of life. This game has yet to be prototyped but the ideas have been fleshed out.

 – Art: 0% and not started.