New Year, New Schedule

The blog schedule is shifting to Fridays!

Through this next year the first post each month will be a look at the current game in production, then a post about what it means to be a Civilized Animal. After that will come a post on writing—usually what I’m working on right now—and the fourth will be an activity to enjoy. Any “fifth Friday” and off-day posts will be general musings, current events, and a roundup of any opportunities I’ve heard of which I find of interest.

This year has been a whirlwind, and I have welcomed it and flown. Last year things had just stabilized and I was grateful for a new set of odd jobs and job skills learned from them, and this year was about exploring a lot of new things in my family and friend relationships as I prepare to work from home. That’s right! Early this next year I will be able to start working comfortably from home—I’m giving it a couple months after the baby arrives just to be sure.

The transition has been both inspiring for my work and opened my eyes to the many opportunities all around me. There are always hustles to be made, chances to do someone a good turn or volunteer and be productive. What matters most is consistently contributing and cultivating a good reputation while maintaining action. There is no excuse for indolence and inactivity. Rest, yes, but never inaction. One of my biggest takeaways has been that I don’t really rest just loafing around. Reading, exploring, cleaning the house, getting things done produces rest in the same way that working hard produces tiredness. Moving forward in a visible, tangible way banishes the stress and loosens me to create and feel free—a vital lesson for someone who writes in front of a screen.

May you also think on the year and get some great takeaways as the calendar ticks off its last few days. Take some time to use the year’s end and reorient yourself to launch your next leg of the adventure you are on.